Tanushri Shukla—Founder

I was living in London, working in digital publishing, when a trip to a garment manufacturing unit in Mumbai completely changed my life. It was there that I first heard the word "chindi" and it was always used in a derogatory way—what to do with it, how to produce less of it, how to get rid of it. That was the a-ha moment. 

At the time, I had no idea that these little scraps of fabric were one of the world's largest polluters. Today, we know a lot more, and there's also an amazing community of people supporting us.    
Gulnaz Gulam Ansari—Master Craftswoman

Gulnaz is a force of nature, at any point in time managing her home, her two sons, and Chindi crochet patterns all at the same time. She can crochet anything and we do mean anything. And that too twice as fast as anyone else!


Yuvraaj Oberoi
Divya Rai
Shibani Shetty
Textile Designer
Vishal Sengar
Senior Designer
Design Innovation Centre
Akshay Roongta
Jesse Van De Zand
Country Head
Enviu, India
Navin Gupta
Country Head

 Friends of Chindi

Shreevatsa Nevatia
Author & Journalist
Unnati Agarwal
Producer & Entrepreneur
Jaya Ramchandani
Founder, The Story
Of Foundation
Abhinav Saxena