Chindi or textile waste is versatile. It comes in dozens of forms, textures, colours and materials. This huge resource is largely ending up in landfills and incinerators. Of the little waste that is salvaged, much of it is being downcycled for industrial applications like insulation and factory rags. In the meantime, our dependence on virgin materials to create new products is steadfastly growing.

We believe no scrap should go to waste and that it can instead be used as a force for good. We believe the solution lies in design interventions and audacious innovations. 
Chindi has collaborated with designers and artists of all stripes—textiles, industrial, product, furniture, craft and more. We have also worked with members across the lifestyle value chain, including brands, recyclers, craftspeople and others.
Through our wide network and collaborative approach, we have been able to create a range of products and solutions that push the boundaries of what can be done with textile waste. We do, however, have a habit of asking bigger questions, and we’re always on a hunt for the next big answer.

If you are a designer or artist who wishes to innovate using textile waste, contact us.