Chindi collaborates with fashion houses, garment manufacturing units and any organisation producing textile waste to upcycle and re-use it into well-designed products your customers will love. We're also a social enterprise providing employment to low-income craftspeople in India. 

Chindi was started with the vision to—

  • Empower low-income craftspeople through flexible and fair employment that is also creatively satisfying
  • Provide businesses with an ethical way of upcycling or sustainably disposing off their textile waste

The Chindi Women's Centre is located in Mankhurd, Mumbai, where all of our craftspeople reside. The centre is a space to receive training, mentorship and support.

Our craftspeople collaborate with brands, product developers and designers to create sewn, knitted and crocheted products made with textile scrap that would otherwise end up in a landfill. We aim to bring a slower, conscious approach to the fast-paced industry of fashion and lifestyle.

Our team consists of tailors, administrative staff and a family of supporters and well-wishers who work and volunteer with Chindi.

Chindi was founded by Tanushri, a former digital professional and current chindi scrap collector. You can write to me at tanushri@chindi.in.