Happy Women's Day (and happy birthday to us)

It's women's day, it's the birth day of our brand new e-commerce website, it's an all round awesome day!

Happy women's day to all the men and women of the world!

Today we are delighted to announce the launch of www.chindi.in, our brand new site where you can support our craftswomen by purchasing some of their handmade, upcycled products.

We'd also like to introduce you to the women whose hands have made all of these pieces. Here they are...

"My daughter encouraged me to work here because otherwise I just sit at my little shop and doze off all day! Here I come and do interesting things." -- Sumitra


"I’m so happy I can do this work and don’t have to depend on anyone for money. I also feel very happy when something I made sells. I loved visiting our stall at Kala Ghoda and one of my baskets sold while I was there!" -- Sanju


"Recently, my husband asked me to do something for him and for the first time I said, “give me half an hour, I’m busy!” I could never say that before. And now I have some money of my own so I’m not totally dependent on him." -- Sunaina




"Aunty has taught me a lot about how to be independent and stand on my own feet. I have finally been able to enroll my daughter in an English-medium school because now I can afford the fees. All I want is that Chindi progresses and takes me with them!" -- Sarita


"I love coming to the center for two reasons -- the first is Aunty and the second is Tanu didi! And then Sushmita Didi always teaches us new things. I had never imagined you could do so much with chindi!" -- Sarita 


"The truth is, I work at Chindi only because I love meeting the women, spending time with them, talking to them about their day-to-day things and problems. There is so much love and respect and all these young ladies are like my daughters who I even scold many times!" -- Roopa


"At Chindi, I am a trainer, and through teaching the women I have been able to hone my craft which I’m so happy about. It has given me a routine and an income, because I think a woman who works gets more respect and value in the home." -- Sushmita



"Working with Chindi is an inspiration in itself. The intent and the spirit of the company is out there to prove that there is power and beauty in things which are left to be discarded. Making beautiful upcycled products with Chindi women has made us feel proud and given us an opportunity and sense of establishment." -- Simrat, Founder of Chiria and Product Designer at Chindi



Very inspiring and well written.

sahitya May 16, 2018

This is the amazing post i love this article please check it and easily get the happy women’s day poems
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toni j May 16, 2018

:) wishes for the women’s day to all the women’s out there. I
am sure the day will grow into beautiful year. ha

parag March 08, 2016

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