Everyday is women's day!

Because at Chindi everyday is women's day, we wish you another happy women's day!

We'd like to introduce you to some more women who have been our friends, supporters, and clients. These are some amazing women doing meaningful things and we're so glad they're part of our family!

"Chindi is a fabulous project I have seen from the inception stage to its honest and beautiful execution. I am so thrilled to be able to add to their growth story in whatever way possible because Chindi was designed to be 100% a positive impact enterprise. From salvaging textiles to providing employment to women in a creative and fair way to making something beautiful and useful I find Chindi to be so well thought out and I love supporting them."

-- Aliya Curmally is a Bombay native who always wanted to make movies and does exactly that as part of a film studio. In her spare time she enjoys running Soul Makes, a platform for ethical and consciously designed products as a way to alleviate her anxiety abt how we live and consume things on Planet Earth today



"Chindi is such an outstanding social initiative woven together with Tanushri’s passion and vibrant energy that brings together these amazing products. Love seeing pics of these women with so much zeal, been given this exposure and opportunity to join together changing their lives"

-- Sonu Krishnan, Curator and merchandiser for OMO



"Love everything about chindi, love each and every chindi bag we use for shumee. Looking forward to working on more exciting stuff  with tanushri and chindi team."

-- Meeta, Founder, Shumee Toys



"When you start with a purpose, you are bound to meet some beautiful like minded people on the way. And meeting the team of Chindi (from Tanushri to Roopa Aunty to Pandeyji to the lovely, giggly, skilled team of ladies) has been just that. A sort of assurance, that there are businesses out there doing purposeful work, making a difference in big small ways. So happy to have found you guys! To many more collaborations : )"

-- Dipti & Dipna, Founders, Love the World Today


"Chindi is an initiative-with-a-soul that I truly admire. A true grassroots effort that embodies waste-reduction, re-adaptation & up-cycling while empowering women to create a social impact. Great going Tanu and team! Go Chindi!"

-- Shweyta Mudgal, Founder & Design Director, eight thousand miles...


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